Corporate Fishing Retreats

Our three luxury resorts are equipped to provide customized services for groups of 10 to 44 guests.

A custom designed reward trip begins to pay dividends to the sponsor as soon as the trip is announced. Most of our corporate clients are focused on building and cementing relationships. Most schedule and announce trips many months in advance to maximize benefits to their company’s success.

While some of our groups are totally comprised of fishing veterans focused on the abundance of salmon, bottom fish and albacore tuna, others contain a percentage of guests who eagerly attend for the camaraderie and party atmosphere.

The wilderness creates a great stage for executive team building and management development. We are looking forward to working together with you to design and facilitate your corporate retreat, making your trip to The West Coast of Vancouver Island a great success.

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Many Options 

Choose from our fleet of boats ranging in size from 18-37 feet both guided and self guided, with customized fish processing  and transport.  Schedule meals, meetings and activities to suit your agenda.  Fly or drive! All of these choices ensure we can create an unforgettable experience while working within your budget.

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Phone us to arrange your trip as our special guest or book your Corporate Adventure today!