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Spa Hours: 10:00am-5:30pm

Thursday – Monday in June, 7 days a week in July & August.

Spa Reservations: To best ensure availability of your preferred treatment date, time and type, advance booking is recommended. Walk-in appointments are always welcome, based on availability. Please contact our Spa Reservations Team at 1-877-337-5464 to book today.

Meet Julia Kelbrat – our Spa Technician at Salal & Sea Spa at Moutcha Bay Resort. Opening June 25th!

Julia, a born and raised ‘maritimer’, grew up in Nova Scotia where she gained her love for the ocean and all the beautiful aspects of being outdoors. Julia trained and worked as an Esthetician | Spa Therapist for many years, while concurrently finishing her BBa at Mount St. Vincent University. In 2011, Julia became Whistler bound, where she was first introduced to the west coast lifestyle. “It was love at first sight, I knew I could never leave“. While in Whistler, Julia expanded her realm of spa treatments and incorporated many forms of wellness into her life. Julia has worked at many remote, luxury resort lodges around BC and is an Educator for Jane Iredale. Julia’s goal is to ensure that each guest is receiving a unique west coast experience as well as practices they can take home. 

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More Information

Seaflora is a family run business that hand harvests in sustainable practice, wild organic raw seaweeds off the cold, clean coast of British Columbia. Our research and development is the best in the world in seaweed skincare and the perfect choice for wellness seeders around the world. If you’re looking for genuine, non-toxic, organic, Vegetarian, Vegan-friendly and nutrient rich skincare – you’ll LOVE Seaflora Skincare.

Seaflora Skincare

Our philosophy is ‘Sea-to-Spa’, much like the farm-to-plate movement. We source as many local ingredients possible, including all seaweeds, ocean muds, clays, and marine minerals. Located on Vancouver Island, we are one of the largest licensed seaweed harvesting companies in British Columbia. We hand-harvest each species, ensuring that the quality is uncompromised, remaining true to our commitment of sustainability.

We believe in formulating small, hand-made batches to ensure the potency and effectiveness of our products. Our family-run business proudly manufactures our entire product line at Head Office, in the breathtaking west coast town of Sooke. Each formulation begins with one of our precious Organic Seaweed Elixirs™, starting each product off with raw, wild, organic seaweed.

Our ingredients are whole, healthy and nutritious, free of contaminants and toxins, rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, phytonutrients and amino acids. Together, these firm the appearance of the skin, increase vitality and hydration, leaving skin with a vibrant and youthful glow.

We do it all to honour the European tradition of Thalassotherapy, or the notion of going to the ocean for good health. We continuously work to produce exquisite products that feed the body through our largest organ, the skin. Humans have a flowing chemistry with the ocean, which means the seaweed’s nutritional content is readily bioavailable to our bodies. These superfoods offer the best support for modern living, because they remove toxins and free up detoxification pathways, promote circulation, deeply re-mineralize, nurture cellular structure, balance pH levels, and act as catalysts for cellular functions within the body.

Take a dip in the fountain of youth and ‘sea’ results!

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