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One of the most incredibly consistent and productive areas of Vancouver Island to fish, the Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet region is a true west coast fishing mecca. Steep, heavily forested mountains border deep, protected inlets and the multitudes of sheltered coves and bays offer vast fishing opportunities away from the wind and waves. Exciting offshore fisheries await just around the bend. Whether you are an experienced or novice angler, guided or self-guided, you’ll experience an unrivaled fishing adventure at our resorts. 

From May to September on a daily basis, anglers reel in Chinook salmon (also known as Springs or Kings) and Coho salmon (also known as Silvers), which abound in our area. Many of our best fishing holes are mere minutes from the resorts. And if you’re looking to hook into one of the most sought-after bottom fish in the Pacific, we are lucky to be in the vicinity of prime halibut fishing grounds. We also regularly pull in nice-sized Ling Cod, Yelloweye, and other great eating fish.

Our three luxury fishing resorts provide an exquisite starting point for the Vancouver Island fishing trip of your dreams. 

Salmon Fishing

There is good reason why the salmon fishing in Nootka and Esperanza is considered legendary by some of the best fishermen in the world. This area of Vancouver Island has the most consistent fishing anywhere on the west coast of B.C., as we have two “kicks at the can” with the enormous migratory southbound runs plus the tens of thousands of salmon returning to our local rivers.

The opportunities for salmon here are downright fantastic, with extensive fishing grounds at your disposal. There are multitudes of “hot spots” to try your luck at. We reel in Chinook salmon between 15 and 25 pounds on a daily basis, and larger fish are landed every year. Nothing beats catching a Coho salmon – the active, fun fish known as the “acrobat of the sea”. Both of these species are prized for their high fat content and rich taste, making great table fare. 

Halibut Fishing

Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet boast the most consistent bottom fishing anywhere on Vancouver Island with an abundance of “chicken” halibut. Considered the best for eating, “chickens” (between 10 and 30 pounds) are hard fighting and a lot of fun to catch. While the majority of the halibut we target are in this perfect size range, our fishing guides also know how to find the larger fish.  

The majority of halibut fishing takes place along the baitfish-filled offshore banks, so if halibut is what you’re after, we suggest dedicating a full day of fishing. 

Albacore Tuna Fishing

This is an intense, adrenalin-stimulating fishery that’s become the latest craze amongst sportfishermen. The warm-blooded Albacore tuna is a fast-moving predator with a body built for speed, and they hit the bait like a locomotive. The fish average 10-35 pounds with firm white flesh, delicate taste, and are of excellent eating quality. This is a fishing trip unlike any other!

The Albacore tuna run occurs every August when thousands of fish pass along our offshore Vancouver Island waters. Newton Cove Resort is only 15 minutes from open ocean and is the ideal launching point for accessing the tuna fishing grounds. Contact Guest Services for more information on how to book your Vancouver Island tuna fishing adventure.

Freshwater Fishing

In the Nootka region of Vancouver Island, both spin and fly fishermen will find some of the very best freshwater fishing in the world. Thousands of home-bound salmon return annually to our numerous pristine river and creek systems. Well-known rivers include the Conuma River and Gold River.

The best opportunity for freshwater Chinook salmon is in late August-November, for Coho is in October-December, for Steelhead in December-April, and for trout in April-June. Our region also contains a multitude of excellent fishing lakes with plentiful rainbow and cutthroat trout. These lakes are easily accessible and fishable from shore.

Ask us about renting pontoon boats or fishing kayaks. 

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