June 2020 Fishing Report

By Nootka Marine Adventures

We are very happy to announce we will be opening Moutcha Bay Resort on June 25th, with limited services and amenities, and CoVid-19 protocols. We are offering guided fishing, rental boats, eco-tours, and of course you can bring your own boat. Nootka Sound Resort and Newton Cove Resort will remain closed for the 2020 season. We look forward to welcoming you back to our floating resorts in 2021.

Salt Water: Fishing is now consistent from the lighthouse at Friendly Cove (Yuquot) up to Maquinna Point, around the corner to Beano Creek, across from Burdwood and up to Escalante point (please remember we are confined to stay within the one-mile surf-line boundary until July 15th). Esperanza Inlet has also been good fishing from outer and inner Black Rock, Garden and Flower Point, as well as center Island. All these areas have been most productive on the flood tide up to the high slack. We have been concentrating our salmon fishing on the flood tides and bottom fish angling on the outgoing tides. Most of the Chinook we are catching are in the 15 to 20 pound range, however the size of these fish will increase any day with the larger migratory fish due to arrive in our waters at any-time. We are expecting a much better than average escapement and larger fish this summer for all species of salmon, with the early northern BC and Alaskan troll fisheries being closed this spring!

Our top bait producers have been Luhr Jenson glow flash fly hootchies, four-inch live image and green creamsicle spoons, and anchovies trolled behind flashers that mimic the smaller bait fish which they are primarily feeding on at this time of year. Run your spoons and anchovies with a 6’ foot leader, and hootchies with a 45” leader length. We have found fish at depths from 30 feet in the early mornings down to 95 feet and just off the bottom later in the afternoons. For best results, look for suspended bait balls and run your gear 15 to 20 feet above them. Smaller Coho are just starting to show up in sporadic numbers and have been found in the 45 to 65-foot range and are aggressively taking the same gear as the Chinook. Again it is important to check the DFO regulations for Coho retention for the area you are angling.

Bottom fishing opportunities remain productive with many nice ling cod, halibut, and mixed species of rock fish being caught. We have been bottom bouncing with bait and scented jigs or sitting on anchor just off areas with structure and waiting for the fish to come to us when the weather permits.

Be sure to check local regulations for changes to salmon, rockfish and Halibut limits and area closures before angling areas 25, 125, 26 and 126 this 2020 season.


Unfortunately due to CoVid-19 we are unable to host our annual Salmon Enhancement Derby this season, however it is still crucial to continue to raise funds for the Nootka Sound Watershed Society to ensure that our extra raised hatchery Coho and salmon habitat restoration projects continue on. Without these funds we will go backwards with all the efforts we have been putting forth over the past 10 seasons to date. We are setting up a direct link on our website for donations to the NSWS. We are also looking into possible silent bid auctions for some valuable prizes which will help to continue funding. You can purchase a family NSWS membership annually by visiting their website at www.nootkasound.info, as well as find information about other local projects they are involved in and what proceeds go to.

Fresh Water: Trout and steelhead fishing has been very good for both resident rainbows, mended kelt steelhead and cutthroat in most of the streams, rivers and lakes surrounding Nootka Sound.

Fly fisherman and troll anglers have been having success fishing during the first two hours of day light and again just after sunset. These trout are targeting migratory salmon fry and early larvae hatches.


Get out on the water and enjoy your summer, we all deserve it this year!!

Tight Lines, Good Luck, and Safe Fishing,

Gibran White

Marine Operations Manager

Nootka Marine Adventures Ltd.