Last Days Of Summer at Moutcha Bay Resort

The Albacore Are In!

September is here and do you know what else is showing up? Albacore tuna! While this late-summer weather is fairly unpredictable, we were grateful to get out on the water recently to take on the tuna. Over 200 Albacore tuna have hit our dock and there are still a lot more to come.

Tuna fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island is absolutely exhilarating. Fishing tours are highly dependent on the location of the fish, the weather, and various other factors. When fishing offshore for albacore, we always travel in pairs at minimum. Right now, there are lots of smaller tuna moving near us, with the promise of bigger fish arriving soon.

Salmon fishing is starting to slow down as the fish make their way towards their home rivers to spawn. Coho are beginning to show up closer every day. Unfortunately, due to the many heat waves that we experienced through the summer, the rivers have been fairly dry. With some good dumps of rain recently, our local river systems have now begun to fill up with the bulk of their fall runs of Chinook, Coho, and Chum. Keep in mind that there is non-retention of chum in the Conuma  River. Be sure to check the regulations on retention  for every stream and species that you intend on targeting. There are a variety of differences unique to each stream. Or ask one of our staff upon your arrival to Moutcha Bay Resort this fall.

As always, we have had a lot of success with hoochies, spoons, and anchovies. For fly-fishing anglers, we have had a lot of needlefish appearing.

Nootka Marine Adventures offers guided Albacore tuna fishing charters during the approximately 6-week fishing window in August and September. Learn more about tuna fishing with us here.

Tight lines,

Nootka Marine Adventures