Anglers Academy

About the Academy

The Anglers Academy is an immersive learning experience teaching kids and adults of all ages proper salt-water angling skills. A hands-on course designed to take your new skills home with you and for your future angling adventures.

The academy comes at no additional charge above and beyond booking your guided boat.

How it Works

The all-ages anglers academy pairs you and your group with a highly skilled guide, teaching you everything about making the catch

The Experience

The feeling of catching your first fish is something you will never forget. There is this innate sense of accomplishment and connection with nature. From feeling that first bite, to playing the fish all the way to landing it in the boat.

Three children and a person are on a wooden dock surrounded by water, with one child fishing and a shark-like figure visible in the water.

The Mission

Our goal is to teach everyone how to fish so you can teach your friends and family the art of angling. We believe that by teaching sustainable angling techniques and developing a deeper connection with our oceans we will help protect our waters for generations to come.

A group of children and a guide with a beard pose happily on a dock with fresh fish, surrounded by a calm water and mountains.

The Benefits

The Anglers Academy is perfect for kids, families, corporate events and is available to anyone who wants to learn how to fish. Once you’ve graduated, you will receive a lifetime of benefits including future discounts on Nootka Marine Adventure products including rental boats.

Group of guests with large catch of fish at Mouchta Bay Resort

What You’ll Learn

  • Boat safety training
  • Fishing basics and gear
  • Understanding fish finders 
  • Understanding salt water tides
  • Understanding vertical fishing
  • Fish species identification
  • Where to fish
  • Learning jigging action
  • Learn when and why to troll


Our mission is to teach everyone how to fish, that means keeping it accessible to all our guests at no additional charge above and beyond booking your guided boat.


After documenting all fish caught and completing 24 hours of fishing, including the training experience, you will have all the skills needed to be successful at salt-water fishing. Upon graduation, you'll receive an Anglers Academy certificate and a Helly Hansen vest, becoming part of the Anglers Academy family. Now, share your knowledge and experience with friends and family.

"The Classroom"

Our 10 new 32' North River boats were designed from the ground up to be the optimal classroom for our Anglers Academy. Able to hold up to 7 guests, a Guide, and an instructor. Now with Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilization systems to minimize any risk of seasickness.

North River boat on the water at sunset

What Students Are Saying

Carol V.

May 2023

NMAA was one of the coolest experiences of my life! I knew next to nothing about fishing before I started the program, yet by the end of day three I was catching fish on my own as well as re-setting for the next catch. I learned so much about the different types of fishing, the lures and when to use them, as well as the boat technology that allows us to navigate and locate the best fishing locations. There is nothing like the thrill of catching your first fish, the adrenaline is all-encompassing and that feeling doesn't seem to go away, whether it is your first fish or your 10th fish. When you see that tug on the line you never know what will be on the other end of it, though you'll know that it will be a lot of fun bringing it in. Angler's Academy was a fantastic adventure and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it!

Tanner P.

June 2023

As someone who had never gotten to experience deep sea fishing before, the angler’s academy was a wonderful way to learn the proper techniques, the do’s and don’ts when fishing in the ocean, as well as some of the rules and regulations that come along with it! This 3-day experience is something that I will never forget, there were many celebrations, laughs, and teachable moments for everyone. The guides at NMA truly love what they do, and it showed with how passionate they were when they taught us how to use the downrigger, what to look for and do when that rod starts jumping, they were just as excited as us to watch us catch that big one!

Michael D.

June 2023

As an avid fisherman from Australia getting the opportunity to fish for Salmon and Halibut was on my bucket list for a long time. Getting the opportunity to take part in the Anglers Academy was an amazing experience. Mike the guide was a great teacher, he taught us all about the techniques and tactics used, to successfully catch Salmon, Halibut and other species. We caught some great fish, shared some even better memories.

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