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Explore Nootka Sound with us on the water

Take a trip through Nootka Sound

The rich history and abundance of wildlife in our region mean that there is something wonderful to discover around every corner. Humpback whales, stellar sea lions, sea otters, and marbled murrelets are just some of the marine species frequently spotted on our ocean tours. This trip also offers a chance to explore the National Historic Site of Yuquot.

Welcome aboard! 

About the tour

This fascinating on-the-water tour of Nootka Sound and Tahsis Inlet accommodates up to four guests on board our comfortable 24ft Osprey. Our certified guide and marine naturalist will introduce you to our local marine life including the many playful sea otters that frequent our local inside waterways.

 Your cruise will take you around Strange Island and between Maquinna Point and Birdwood in search of whale spouts and sea lions. You will be on the lookout for black bears, cougars and wolves on-shore. Your guide will illuminate the diverse marine life that make the shoreline their home.  

Your half-day tour will also take you to the National Historic Site of Yuquot (also known as Friendly Cove), the ‘birthplace of British Columbia’. Explore the many points of interest including the historic Catholic Church, Sanford Williams’ carving workshop, and fallen totem.

This tour begins and ends at Moutcha Bay Resort. Guests at Nootka Sound Resort are welcome to book and will be picked up and dropped off at Nootka Sound Resort. Wildlife & Heritage Tours last 5 hours.

  • Price: $599 CAD + tax/tour