Our Pledge For Sustainable Excellence

We understand the impact our operations have on the environment, and so we continually strive to reduce that impact and manage our resorts in a sustainable way. Our commitment to sustainability includes an action plan to ensure that everything that we enjoy about Nootka Sound today will be enjoyed by future generations.

All employees are actively involved in environmental initiatives and invited to contribute ideas to or take ownership over projects.

Our pledge is to not only be the best in Nootka Sound, but the best for Nootka Sound.

A serene sunset over a calm water with sunlight peeking through layers of mountain silhouettes and a vibrant sky filled with dramatic clouds.
A guest is holding a transparent water bottle with a Nootka Marine Adventures logo, wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and a watch with an orange strap.

Environmental Initiatives

Over the years, we have undertaken many operational best practices to ensure that we minimize our overall impact on the environment. These include:

  • State-of-the-art tertiary waste and water treatment systems
  • Increasing use of solar power
  • Raw food waste management (composting)
  • Rigorous waste disposal and recycling protocols
  • Towel and sheet exchange program
  • Shifting to paperless technology
  • Elimination of all plastic straws
  • Elimination of all plastic water bottles
  • Installation of water-efficient showerheads, taps, and low flow toilets
  • All accommodations have potable water to reduce water bottle use
  • Proactive fuel spill protocols

Responsible Choices

We take pride in practicing and teaching ethical tourism activities. Our fishing guides work mindfully, promoting catch and release wherever possible as well as stringently adhering to DFO fishing and wildlife regulations. Our Wildlife & Heritage Tours are minimally invasive and respectful of wild animals.

Our meals, served to guests are locally sourced when possible utilizing the farm-fresh foods including those produced by our sister company, Seaview GameFarm in Black Creek, and many other Vancouver Island food suppliers. To reduce our overall carbon footprint, every effort for coordinated deliveries are used to get products to all three resorts.

At Moutcha Bay Resort, we work with Strathcona Tree Care certified arborists on forest management to ensure a strong, sustainable on-site woodland.

An aerial view of guest in colorful kayaks forming a circle on calm water, with sun reflection to the side.
A humpback whale breaches the ocean surface, its massive body partially emerging against a calm sea and overcast sky. Water drips off its barnacle-studded skin.

Ocean Friendly Business

Nootka Marine Adventures’ head office is proud to be a certified Ocean Friendly Business with the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective. Some of our initiatives include:

  • We divert as much waste as possible by recycling soft plastics, cartons, styrofoam and other items that are typically thrown out
  • All hot water pipes are insulated
  • All office equipment is ENERGY STAR certified
  • Reusable dishware is in place of disposable
  • All food waste is composted
  • Cleaning products are eco-friendly and locally sourced where possible
  • Paper products are made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled content
  • Video conferencing technology is used to minimize traveling for meetings
  • Employees are encouraged to commute to work by carpooling, walking, or bicycling

Supporting Our Neighbours

We love to support our neighbours whenever we can. We are proud members of the Sport Fishing Institute, we participate in our local Sport Fishing Advisory Committee, each department purchases locally wherever possible, and we enthusiastically support our local Nootka Sound Watershed Society.

Together with other operators in our area, we actively support local salmon enhancement and habitat restoration through various fundraising efforts each year. Each year, we are proud to donate all of those event proceeds to the Nootka Sound Watershed Society and Pacific Salmon Foundation.

These funds directly support the health of the salmon population in the region – contributing to the successful addition of 1.8 million Chinook and 150,000 Coho into the marine ecosystem annually. These needed salmon stocks support the local fisheries and the overall health of the marine mammals and ecosystem.

An aerial view of a Nootka Sound nestled among forest-covered hills under a pastel sky with light cloud cover at sunrise or sunset.
A beautiful sunset viewed from a speeding boat's stern, showing wake trails, fishing rods, mountains in the distance, and a dramatic sky.

Nootka Sound Watershed Society

The Nootka Sound Watershed Society is a group of local Nootka community members, First Nations representatives, local elected representatives, biologists, industry representatives, commercial fishermen, sport fishermen, educators and stewards with one common goal: to see a healthy revival of salmon stocks to the Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet watersheds.

They are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and have over 200 members from all walks of life. The Board meets monthly to discuss conservation, enhancement, restoration, assessment, stewardship, and economic development pertaining to Pacific Salmon in the Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet areas.

Please learn more and help us support the Nootka Sound Watershed Society by visiting

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