Nootka Sound Fishing Calendar

Important Notice

Check fisheries postings online for openings and closures for all salmon, bottom fish, and shellfish opportunities as they are all subject to change at any time. Anglers can refer to our fishing calendar from mid-April through September for our monthly fishing reports, tips on when to fish, including tackle and “hot spot” information.

BC tidal area 25 and 125 – Nootka Sound, Esperanza Inlet: Recreational fishing limits, openings and closures


Outside waters will give anglers access to early migratory Chinook as well as local feeder spring salmon, and fantastic bottom fish opportunities. Spring boasts the best prawning and crabbing chances of the season. Fresh water fishing is also excellent for Winter Steelhead and Cutthroat Trout.

Try trolling in the 60 to 90-foot range for salmon, and just off the bottom for lings and halibut; or stop and jig for all species of bottom fish along the kelp beds and on rocky bottom structure.


Salmon fishing on both the outside and inside is now steady with mature and feeder Chinook salmon, and by the middle of the month small Coho will start to show in good numbers, primarily from the lighthouse and beyond.

Bottom fishing is outstanding for all species, including halibut; again one must fish outside from the lighthouse to Bajo Reef for best results. Prawning is still steady at this time, crabbing will begin to slow down somewhat by mid-month, and oyster picking is still great but check for red tide first.


All species of salmon and bottom fish are available in both the inside and outside fisheries. Check our fishing reports for updated hot spots and guide gear choices.

Prawning and crabbing will slow down as the water temperature starts to increase, but groups will still get plenty to dine on for while they are here in Nootka Sound.


This is prime season for all species of salmon and bottom fish, both the inside and outside fisheries are in full tilt, our local larger mature fish arriving in anticipation of the fall rains as they can enter the rivers to spawn in September and October. Albacore tuna opportunities are heating up and on the horizon towards the end of the month!

Limited prawn and crab opportunities are available due to the heavy pressure and warm water conditions, however for those who are willing to move their traps around, will eventually find decent success, enough to enjoy with dinners during your stay!


Chinook and coho fishing remain strong until mid-month, depending on how much rain we get. It can be excellent in the local rivers at this time. These fish begin to stage directly in front of Moutcha Bay Resort and Newton Cove Resort as they await their chance to run up the river toward their home spawning grounds.

Bottom fishing will stay strong through month’s end for those who are willing to take the run to the outside grounds. Crabbing opportunities increase greatly with the arrival of all the mature spawning salmon.