Angler’s Academy

At Nootka Marine Adventures

About the Academy

The Angler’s Academy is an immersive learning experience teaching kids and adults of all ages proper salt-water angling skills. Like all our trips at Nootka Marine Adventures, this is a true distraction-free environment built for developing deeper connections with each other.

The Experience

The feeling of catching your first fish is something you will never forget. There is this innate sense of accomplishment and connection with nature. From feeling that first bite, to playing the fish all the way to landing it in the boat. It’s an indelible experience that we would like to share with the world.

The Mission

Our goal is to teach everyone how to fish so you can teach your friends and family the art of angling. We believe that by teaching sustainable angling techniques and developing a deeper connection with our oceans we will help protect our waters for generations to come.

The Benefits

The Angler’s Academy is perfect for kids, families, corporate events and is available to anyone who want to learn how to fish. Once you’ve graduated, you will receive a lifetime of benefits including future discounts on Nootka Marine Adventure stays, guided trips, rental boats.

The Classroom

On board the classroom you’ll learn:

  • Boat safety training
  • Understanding salt-water tides
  • Where to fish
  • Fishing basics and gear
  • Understanding vertical fishing
  • Learning jigging action
  • Understanding fish finders
  • Fish species identification
  • Graduation ceremony


After successfully keeping track of all fish caught and completing 24 hours of fishing including the training experience, you will have all the skills needed to be successful at salt-water fishing. Now you’re a part of the Angler’s Academy family and get to share your knowledge and experience with your friends and family.

Angler’s Academy Costs

Our mission is to teach everyone how to fish, that means keeping it accessible to all our guests at no additional charge above and beyond booking your guided boat.

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An incredible experience

The Angler’s Academy was a remarkable experience for our whole family. Breaking free of distractions enabled us to truly reconnect as a family while learning how to fish in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We walked away from the experience at Nootka with deeper connections and a love for angling.

Mark D