Fishing Boat Rentals

Fishing Boat Rentals

We offer a fleet of 7 rental boats with 4-stroke engines, available to guests of Moutcha Bay Resort and Nootka Sound Resort. All rental boats come equipped with safety equipment, VHF radios, GPS & depth sounders, and two Scotty electric downriggers with cannonballs. We supply multi-purpose combination salmon/bottom fishing rods and reels, rod holders, net & gaff, and basic tackle with each rental boat. Our boats are 18′ Quay Craft or Bridgview aluminum centre console boats equipped with a 90hp main engine and a 9.9hp kicker. 

All required safety equipment:
– VHF radios
– GPS & depth sounders
– Scotty electric down-riggers with cannon balls
– Multi purpose combination salmon/bottom fish rods and reels
– Rod holders
– Net, Gaff, Basic tackle

Our fishing rods and reels are multi-purpose and have been chosen to accommodate anglers and the wide variety of species they may encounter during their fishing adventure in Nootka Sound.

Aluminum fish boat rental vancouver island

Five 18 ft. Aluminium centre console boats

• 90hp main engine and 9.9hp kicker
• Fully equipped with GPS, safety and fishing equipment
• Up to 4  adults on each boat
• Boat boundaries – please refer to the Inside Boundary Map

Please note, Boat Rentals are only available at Moutcha Bay Resort and Nootka Sound Resort, Vancouver Island.