Reel in Relaxation
with Seakeeper

Seakeeper Gyroscopic Stabilization Units

While most boats have been hibernating all winter, our fleet of 32 foot North River boats have had a busy winter with installations. Read more below!

Introducing Seakeeper

New to the 2024 season, our fleet of 32 foot North River boats will feature Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizers. Eliminate up to 95% of boat roll and the seasickness that comes with it. Seakeeper is the world leader in marine motion control technology, completely transforming the boating experience for new and experienced boaters alike. Experience this first hand with Nootka Marine Adventures this summer!

This image shows a white maritime stabilization device, labeled "Seakeeper 3," featuring a control panel, cables, and mounting brackets, likely for reducing boat roll.

Take Back Control

Spend more time fighting fish, not your balance this season with the addition of Seakeeper in our North River boats. Call our reservations team to learn more about how Seakeeper will transform your experience on the water.

A guest is angling with a bent fishing rod on a boat, as waves crash in the background. Other guests and fishing rods are visible onboard.
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