August 2020 Fishing Report

By Nootka Marine Adventures

Salt Water

The fishing and weather remain excellent as we continue to enjoy consistent angling opportunities, both on the inside fishery for local mature Conuma, Gold, and Berman River Chinook, as well as on the outside remaining steady and consistent for all runs of salmon and all species of bottom fish. As the daylight hours begin to decrease and the smaller more mellow tides of the summer settle in, anglers are enjoying easier and more consistent access to the outside. Coho, Chinook, Halibut, Ling cod, and Rockfish are all readily available to those willing to put in the time and effort to target them.

The local Conuma fish are holding and staging in all the traditional spots; Hoiss Point, Strange Island, Beer Can Bay, Camel Rock, Three Bay, and “The Wall” are all producing fish daily. Early mornings and then again in the late afternoon until early evening are the most opportunistic times for inside fishing. 4 to 6 inch spoons (Luhr Jensen live image and cop car), 5 to 6 inch 602 and 158 Tomic plugs, flasher with glow needlefish hootchies, and flasher and anchovy are all working well both on the inside and on the outside.

When targeting bottom fish try to utilize the high slack through the first two hours of the ebb, look for areas with structure where the bottom is inconstant in depths with rock and gravel up-cropping. With all the migratory Coho and pink salmon heading by, bottom fish will come out of the deeper water to feed on the smaller salmon and bait fish.

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Fresh Water

There will be some early Chinook opportunities in the lower staging pools of the Conuma River, at first light and in the late afternoons. Both spoon and fly fisherman have been sharing some limited success until we get more rain to push these fish further up into the system.


Tight Lines, Good Luck, and Safe Fishing,


Gibran White, Marine Operations Manager.