Ocean Friendly Office

Our amazing team at Nootka Marine Adventures’ Guest Services office in downtown Courtenay on Vancouver Island have all been working hard to reduce their waste and energy use. In June 2021 we are thrilled to have achieved “Green” level Ocean Friendly Business with the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective (VIGBC), which is run by the non-profit Synergy. We also went up by 3 points from last year’s score!

Our office team has implemented a number of green initiatives to reduce waste and energy use. Every time we make a purchase, we stop first and consider its impact and our options. We’ve switched to paperless wherever possible, and when we do need to print, it’s always double-sided and on FSC-certified 100% recycled paper.

Our cleaning products are eco-friendly, our workstations are Energy Star certified, our thermostat is auto-set to reduce energy use, and we recycle and compost like crazy.

Since joining the VIGBC program, we have accomplished:

  • 762 cubic meters of water saved – with this much water you could fill over 308, 8-man hot tubs!
  • 3 trees saved by choosing paper products made with recycled content
  • 156 kg of waste diverted by composting organic materials

It’s amazing how small actions add up!