Spring Waters

With the arrival of the extremely beautiful weather we have been enjoying this spring, so too, the opportunities for salt and fresh water adventures. Prawning is good now, as in years’ past, with limits of spot prawns being taken routinely. Most success has been in the 250 to 300 foot depths, allowing the traps to soak a minimum of three tide changes. Crabbing has been steady as well with the best results in deeper than normal water; 110’ to 130’ being the current targets.

We have managed to get to the outside for some salmon and bottom fish excursions on a few occasions while readying our resorts for the coming season. The bottom fishing has been outstanding!! Halibut and lingcod are easily caught right now with zero competition, other than the odd boat passing by.

Salmon fishing has been slowly getting better, with several nice sized feeder springs caught this past week out by wash rock and the light house. Salmon success is simple, find the bait, and you’ll be on the fish!!

All the bottom fish we have caught have been by trolling just off bottom with large spoons and plugs, with whole or cut-plug herring also proving to be productive. Anchovies and flasher combinations, and small 4 inch spoons with flashers have been producing the feeder springs.


Spring estuary cutthroat fishing is now in full swing; several estuaries are within a half our drive of our resort. As well as Malaspina and Deserted lakes which are both producing excellent trout opportunities for both fly anglers and gear chuckers.Spring steelhead (mostly mended kelts) are now making their way back out to sea, and are aggressively feeding on fry along the way. Both the Gold and Conuma rivers will have late season steelhead opportunities.